Docker Compose 1.22.0,简化多容器组合的编排工具

发布于 2018年07月18日
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Docker Compose 1.22.0 已发布,Docker Compose 是一个可以简化多容器应用组合的编排工具。通过使用 Compose,你可以在一个配置文件中定义应用的组件,包括容器、配置、连接、卷等,然后你可以通过一个简单的命令将所有的东西组合并运行。

Docker Compose 属于一个“应用层”的服务,用户可以定义哪个容器组运行哪个应用,它支持动态改变应用,并在需要时扩展。

该版本主要是修复了 bug,还为 Compose format 增加了新特性。


Compose format version 3.7

  • Introduced version 3.7 of the docker-compose.yml specification.
    This version requires Docker Engine 18.06.0 or above.

  • Added support for rollback_config in the deploy configuration

  • Added support for the init parameter in service configurations

  • Added support for extension fields in service, network, volume, secret,
    and config configurations

Compose format version 2.4

  • Added support for extension fields in service, network,
    and volume configurations

Bug 修复

  • Fixed a bug that prevented deployment with some Compose files when

  • Compose will no longer try to create containers or volumes with
    invalid starting characters

  • Fixed several bugs that prevented Compose commands from working properly
    with containers created with an older version of Compose

  • Fixed an issue with the output of docker-compose config with the
    --compatibility-mode flag enabled when the source file contains
    attachable networks

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the gcloud credential store from working
    properly when used with the Compose binary on UNIX

  • Fixed a bug that caused connection errors when trying to operate
    over a non-HTTPS TCP connection on Windows

  • Fixed a bug that caused builds to fail on Windows if the Dockerfile
    was located in a subdirectory of the build context

  • Fixed an issue that prevented proper parsing of UTF-8 BOM encoded
    Compose files on Windows

  • Fixed an issue with handling of the double-wildcard (**) pattern in .dockerignore files when using docker-compose build

  • Fixed a bug that caused auth values in legacy .dockercfg files to be ignored

  • docker-compose build will no longer attempt to create image names starting with an invalid character


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