Docker Compose 1.24.0-rc1,简化多容器组合的编排工具

发布于 2019年01月24日
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Docker Compose 1.24.0-rc1 已发布,Docker Compose 是一个可以简化多容器应用组合的编排工具。通过使用 Compose,你可以在一个配置文件中定义应用的组件,包括容器、配置、连接、卷等,然后你可以通过一个简单的命令将所有的东西组合并运行。

Docker Compose 属于一个“应用层”的服务,用户可以定义哪个容器组运行哪个应用,它支持动态改变应用,并在需要时扩展。



  • Added support for connecting to the Docker Engine using the ssh protocol.

  • Added a --all flag to docker-compose ps to include stopped one-off containers
    in the command's output.


  • Fixed a bug where some valid credential helpers weren't properly handled by Compose
    when attempting to pull images from private registries.

  • Fixed an issue where the output of docker-compose start before containers were created
    was misleading

  • To match the Docker CLI behavior and to avoid confusing issues, Compose will no longer
    accept whitespace in variable names sourced from environment files.

  • Compose will now report a configuration error if a service attempts to declare
    duplicate mount points in the volumes section.

  • Fixed an issue with the containerized version of Compose that prevented users from
    writing to stdin during interactive sessions started by run or exec.

  • One-off containers started by run no longer adopt the restart policy of the service,
    and are instead set to never restart.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some container events to not appear in the output of
    the docker-compose events command.

  • Missing images will no longer stop the execution of docker-compose down commands
    (a warning will be displayed instead).


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